Experience KilaraCloud today!!

Gone are the days of waiting for information to arrive via snail mail.  With KilaraCloud, our online Client Portal, your information is delivered instantly, allowing you to take action straight away.  The best news is, it works both ways; not only can you use KilaraCloud to send information to us, but we can send information back to you just as quickly.  Powered by CCH Software Solutions, KilaraCloud uses 128 bit encryption, making it far more secure than plain old email.

With KilaraCloud, you can;

  • Upload any source documents that we may require to complete your work
  • Download a copy of your Tax Return, BAS, or anything else that we would traditionally post to you
  • Upload the Lodgement Declaration for your Tax Return, BAS and IAS
  • Store a copy of important documents for later reference
  • Plus much more, all with the advantage of instant access, and secure data transfer

Waiting for a copy of your financials to forward on to the bank?  Not any more!  With KilaraCloud, not only can we upload a copy of your financials so that you can access them instantly, but you can leave them sitting on the Cloud.  Then, when the bank requests your financials, you can simply log in and access the file without needing to ask us for them again.  And because our site is fully mobile, you can download the document onto your mobile device and email it the the bank manager, before you even finish your appointment!

Still unconvinced?  Visit KilaraCloud today, and take a look around.  By following this link, you will be able to access a Demonstration Secure Area within KilaraCloud.  Feel free to have a look around, then Contact Us sign up, and take advantage of KilaraCloud today!